About The Legendary Dolls and my passion for Barbies

About The Legendary Dolls and my passion for Barbies

Barbies have always been my passion since childhood. I got my first Barbie doll when I was 5. The very first Barbie that I got was a skiing Barbie. In those times, Barbie dolls were very expensive to afford in Turkey. We moved to the United States when I was nine years old, and Barbies were easier to afford. We got a kitchen and bedroom set from Walmart, and that was one of the happiest times in my life. Many people say that I am a creative person, and Barbies has a huge contribution to this. I was making up scenarios when playing with Barbies. My favourite one was where Ken hung out with other girls while she was together with Barbie. They had a Range Rover style car and were going to the beach to have a picnic.

My 10th birthday, I got a barbie with sparkling bikini as a gift

When I became a teenager, my playing style with the Barbies changed. I started to sew clothes for them. Old socks are an ideal material, and you can make bikinis without sewing. I kept the bedroom set and kitchen as a memory of my childhood and gave them to my niece.

Auntie – Niecie Barbie Play

Barbie photographer

When my niece was younger, playing with Barbies was one of our favourite activities. We were organising a wedding for the Barbies, and it was our favourite scenario-play. Barbie and Ken were getting married, and we organised different activities for the wedding, such as Turkish folklore dance. Ken’s ex-girlfriend was also a guest at the wedding, and she was very jealous that Ken was getting married. My niece became a teenager, and she stopped playing the Barbies.

Once, we did a photo session using my vintage kitchen and bedroom set. It was an unforgettable memory for me.

Photography session with Barbies

Barbie as an Adult

I always wanted to have a Barbie house when I was young; however, it was not affordable by then. This desire just got stuck on me. Two years ago, we discussed the inner child concept with my therapist in one of the therapy sessions. I told her that I always wanted to have a Barbie house. She told me why not I get it now. We all have an inner child, and it is never too late to satisfy our inner child. Those were also the times when the pandemic peaked. I needed hobbies that would occupy me at home. Finally, I got the Barbie house I always desired and set it up. I also got a couple of Barbies, and I photographed them from time to time.

Finally, I have a Barbie house

The Legendary Dolls

One day I was photographing the Barbies and came up with a story. Then “The Legendary Dolls” is born. The intent is to give life and spirit to Barbies. It is a soap opera that is going on in Instagram stories.

The main characters are Jose and Eva.

Jose: He is a true womaniser. He is the smartest character in the soap opera that could use people for their benefit without feeling any guilt.

Eva: She is blindly in love with Jose and have issues with managing her emotions.

Hugo: He is is Jose’s best friend, who is always there for him.

Grace: She is Eva’s sister, she lives in another city, five hours away by car from Eva and Jose’s house.

Cecile: She is the surprise child that recently arrived to her father’s home when her mom decided to move to United States. Her presence created a conflict between Eva and Jose.

They all have an active social life, they travel, visit restaurants, shopping malls, spa centers and aquaparks.

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    Superleuk en duidelijk beschreven!
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