When I searched the definition of adventure, here is what came out “an unusual and exciting experience”. This is what I would precisely call my life. I have been through an unusual journey until I reach today. I grew up with parents who deviated from a regular parent profile. I have a very beautiful mother who is extremely critical and obsessed with beauty and fashion. She loved me so much however she was so jealous to share her love with others including the other family members. As a child I felt so guilty to establish emotional bond with others because this will not make my mother happy. When I was younger, my language skills weren’t good, I had issues with constructing proper sentences. People either misunderstand me and sometimes made fun of me when I was constructing strange sentences. Therefore social life was not so appealing to me, I couldn’t enjoy spending time with friends. I also didn’t know what to speak because I had little common interests with people. We also moved to another city on every two year and this influenced my social life. This situation pushed me to stay in my room and become friends with people who lived decades before me like Frida, Goethe, Van Gogh. The intellectual content became my world. I read books, got several degrees and learned languages.

I have sister who is 8 years older than me. She left home when I was 11 we didn’t spent a lot of time together. I grew up like a single child. But I love her so much and visit her on every opportunity.

Childhood memories and my beloved sister.

Then I have a soldier father who perceives the world through success and aesthetics. According to him, everyone should be in the top 5% on the achievement scale, and everything should be beautiful and neat. From his perception, there is no room for failure and ugliness. Three of us lived an isolated life until I was 26. I have been through a heavy depression during my 20’s. I stopped eating and lost 13 kilos in 9 months. This situation made me fit just like a top model. My parents encouraged me on two things: aesthetics and education. I grew up with unlimited clothes and an unlimited number of books. My father became my idol. I adopted his soldier habits and still maintain it today. I watch my diet, work hard and exercise regularly. I studied in the university for 14 years, and got various degrees. Here is a blog post that describes my education and career journey.

Teenage years

People would define me as the girl in research institutions who is very fit, dressed in fashionable clothes, obsessed with work, yet trying to escape people due to a lack of communication skills. Even though I loved my parents so much, I told everyone that I would go abroad for a PhD. Academia was my comfort zone. I studied at a private institution called “Bilkent University”, which had a beautiful campus that resembled Yale university. I did my master’s in another university having a large campus in Turkey in Ankara. All these educations were at an international level. English is like my native language. I achieved my goal and came to the Netherlands for PhD and married a very handsome engineer. I was full of energy, ready to discover Europe.

My PhD project was an intense program with three institutions that involved a lot of stakeholder management. During that time, I travelled every two weeks, trying to explore Europe and writing travel articles about the cities that I visited. I learned about history, art, design, languages and social relationships. I am now blogging for seven years. I had a travel blog that suddenly went down because of technical reasons. I have many travel notes, and now I am organising them as a book. I am also adding those articles to the “Travel” section of my website.

Time to explore the world.

Writing is my passion, and blogging is one of the things that I get my life energy. Taste’n Travel was my first blogging experience which I started in 2015 to get motivated to explore Europe and share my experience with readers. I approached it professionally, as I do with everything. Producing work with quality is vital to me. I took thousands of pictures from the places I visited and wrote more than 50 articles. There was a strict procedure that I pursued while blogging and illustrated it to explain it to my readers.

The procedure of Taste & Travel

Photography is my hobby, and I have an Instagram account where I share my pictures. My motto is “be happy from little things”, and I share those moments on my Instagram account every day. A friend told me that I have a lot of passion for life, and she likes to follow my Instagram stories. She inspired me when I was setting up this new blog website. My lifestyle changed after the pandemic, and travelling is no longer my core hobby. I have various interests in psychology, art, science, languages and Barbies beside travelling. Yes, there is a child side of me that boosts my creativity. I surround myself with colourful objects and teddy bears. They make me happy!

Academia always have an important place in my life

Why do I call this blog Bigum’s journey? My name is Begum, and I have a niece who is now twelve years old. She was calling me Bigum while she was three when she couldn’t pronounce the words properly. That was the cutest thing that I ever heard in my life. I also sign my artworks as Bigum to keep this memory.   

This blog article is intended to share my passion for life, travel notes, motivational articles, research work, artworks and the series that I cast with Barbies.

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