User Experience (UX) Designer – Researcher: Familiar and have experience with all parts of iterative User-Centered design/research.

An example of iterative design process

User Experience (UX) Tasks

Interviewing and data evaluation: Have experience with user-research interview, qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Example of Qualitative Evaluation (Thematic Structural Analysis)
Example of quantiative evaluation
Example of quantiative evaluation
Quantitative evaluation

Information Visualization

Have experience with information visualization using Adobe Illustration tool.

Explanation of a terminology
App description visualization (and the logo design)
Pros and cons visualization
Information visualisation of session-based therapy

Technical Visualisation

Technical visualization of parameters
App Architecture
Algorithm visualizatio
Flow chart visualization
Use case scenario of Thought Journal App
Thought Journal App Architecture

Interface Design

Sueno App: “Sueno App” is a personalized solution to improve daily sleep-related habits. The app

supports users in several ways.

1. Providing a basic level of sleep education on lifestyle habits for healthy sleep.

2. Self-logging to keep track of sleep behavior, perceived sleep quality, and thoughts.

3. Guiding the users with interactive weekly sleep scheduling.

4. Providing information summaries on sleep and thoughts.

5. Keeping track of daily assignments by a dynamic to do task.

Sleep diary entry
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